Please Note; the structure of this course changes on 13th December. The details that follow reflect the new structure.

Many candidates for EASA Part 66 Basic Licence examinations (M7, M9 and M10) know the subject matter well, but struggle with the Essay examinations.

Our EASA Essay Writing Guidance On-Line course replicates the content of the highly popular, 4-day classroom  Essay course that we ran (under another name) in 2010 and 2011 in UK.  The cost is , however, very different; £40 per person! 

The Cloud Aero Training on-line course has been created by people with experience of setting and marking EASA Part 66Essay examinations;  inside knowledge is always helpful, and the advice and tips in the course reflect that.

The course objective is to teach students how to prepare and write an Essay as required to pass the EASA Basic Training Essay examination for Modules 7, 9 and 10.  The course does not attempt to teach the subject matter of those Modules. 

There are 3 Essential Elements;

 EASA Requirements

We use the heading "EASA Requirements" on  the slides detailing EASA's various rules, regulations, and guidance governing how questions are set, how Essays should be written, and how they must be marked. These points are drawn directly from EASA regulations, contained in Part 66A and Part 66B, as well as the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material for Part 66A and Part 66B. These "Regulations" also tell you about  “Key” points and “Style” points, and it is very important for candidates to be aware of them. The course goes into this in detail in various places.

Preparing and Writing the Essay

You've got 20 minutes for each Essay. How do you use the time to prepare and write an Essay that will score a Pass? Everyone has a method; we show you one way that works for a lot of people. This isn't the only way, but it's at least a good foundation for developing a method that works for you. The important point is that unless you plan the Essay before you start writing, you are likely to fail.

How Essays are Marked

How does the Examiner mark the Essay? What rules are there about that? You need to know, so that you score maximum marks. We show you some tricks of the trade.

Examples of Good and Bad essays are used.


Optional Essay Marking and Commentary.

We supply a selection of essay question papers (as "Attachments" which can be accessed from within the course) from which you choose 4 to write and send to us for marking and detailed commentary. These must be downloaded while you have access to the course, if you want to send some Essays for review. 

As an option available to anyone who has completed the Essay Writing course on-line, you can send us as many practice Essays as you like.  For a fee of £15.00 per essay (including tax, postage charges etc) we will review the essay and write a comprehensive commentary, including a score and the reasons for awarding or not awarding marks. This review is normally completed within 7 days of receipt.

If you wish to use this facility all you need to do is scan and email the essay, together with a payment by card or Paypal.

The essay should be done under exam conditions to get full value from the review.