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Since relaunching our courses in August 2011
we have issued 4,547* certificates to individual

46* Approved Maintenance Organisations and

Air Operators have also bought our courses
after a full Quality Management assessment
for compliance with EASA requirements, and
for top quality of content and presentation.

(*Last updated; 14 Dec 2014)
EWIS for Target Groups 1 & 2
EWIS for Target Groups 4 & 5
EWIS for Target Groups 6, 7 & 8

EWIS courses comply with EASA AMC 20-22.

Fuel Tank Safety Phases 1 & 2

FTS Courses comply with EC 2042/2003 Part M Appx XII, and Part 145 Appx IV.

Maintenance Human Factors

HF Courses comply with EC 2042/2003 Part 145.A.30 and the associated AMC and GM.

Companies please note;
  • Discounts up to 40% for bulk purchase
  • The courses can be tailored to your company's operations, fleet and procedures
  • We welcome assessment of the material for Quality and Compliance, and supply all the courses free of charge for this purpose.


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SMS Demystified

The basic essentials of EASA Safety Managements (EASA OPS.GEN.ORO 200; NPA 2013 01 and NPA 2013-19

Key Staff Training Part 145 Update

Part 145 Update as required by Part 145.A.35 Continuation Training.

Aviation Legislation (Module 10)

General           Part 66 Appx A Module 10
Part M             Level 2 Supplement
Part 145          Level 2 Supplement
Part 66/147     Level 2 Supplement (available soon)


ETOPS for maintenance staff complies with EASA AMC 20-6 Rev. 2 Appendix 8.5

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